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Introductory Remarks

What's so Special about the COOT?

The Coot is unique because it has 6 Great Features:

1) It was designed by Molt Taylor, an aviation genius.

2) It's versatile (being amphibious).

3) It's practical (having wings that fold).

4) Its low wings make it relatively safe (compared with other amphibians), because it provides superior "ground effect" and it's less likely to flip over in the water.

5) It's relatively inexpensive (compared with modern kitplanes).

6) It has good builder support (this web site) for ordering the construction plans, any of 3 books, or the newsletter for locating parts or partially built Coot projects.

How Much Information Is Enough for You?

If you think you’d like to learn a lot about the history of the Coot, then you might be wise to invest $30. in a copy of The Coot Story and plunge right into the world of Coots. If you would also like to learn in detail about the structure and functions of the Coot, then you might add $20. and order The Coot in a Nutshell as well. However, if you have only $10. to spend, you can order an information kit that includes 4 pages of pure “Molt Taylor”, a couple of pages of my own thoughts about the Coot, a collection of photos from Molt’s album, and a reprint of his famous article in the April 1972 issue of Sport Aviation, “We Fly the Coot ‘A’”.

The Coot Is Not A Kit-plane

While this may be considered a negative by many folks in this world of instant-everything, it can also be viewed positively: First, you don’t have to shell out megabucks to get started. Second, there is a huge, untapped supply of Coot parts around the world, just waiting to be picked up at 1970 prices. To find them, all you have to do is subscribe to the Coot-builder’s Newsletter and spend some time on the phone, followed by some time in a truck. Also check The Message Board on this web site, or call me at 608-833-5586.


Once you fly off the “restriction hours” in your Coot, you’ll soon find that you’re having way too much fun, and this could be habit-forming!