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This photo shows me sitting in N42RS, the Coot that I built from 1972 to 1983.

I flew it for 100 delightful hours, but then sold it for the value of the engine & prop

after I had converted it to a flying boat and didn't feel like repairing a delaminated hull.

Unfortunately, the buyer, Carl Anderson in Ohio, developed Parkinson's Disease and passed on.

In 1993 I bought N1395X, built by Frank Henley, so I only have photos of it flying.

I flew this lovely Coot, which I nick-named Harvey, for ~600 hours over the next 15 years.

(See The Message Board for a short video of it flying along the Wisconsin River.)

It is now owned by an old friend, Guy Savoie, in Edmunston, New Brunswick, Canada.

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