Canadian Coot Galleries

Here are only 18 photos of 10 projects, yet there are ~29 Coots flying or under construction

in Canada. These images were selected to show construction that might be instructive,

and they're located on this huge map so you'll have some idea where they are. 

Click on the red initials of the owners above, to read more about them.

Alternatively, you can click on the owners'names listed below.

  • Paul Trudel and Mario Biondi keep their Coots at the same airport in Langley, B.C.
  • Willy Trinker lives in Logan Lake, B.C., where he is completing the Ostrem Coot.
  • Robert Robbins (Maidstone, SK) recently purchased Cameron Linde's Coot.
  • Ray Bent (near Halifax, N.S.) lives just outside the squished boundary of this map.
  • Glenn Willoughby (Gravenhurst, ON) sold his first Coot to Biondi, but finished Tacchi's Coot.
  • Guy Savoie (Wendover, ON) bought C-GFQV from H Vogues, and plans to restore it.
  • Jean Pellerin (Gatineau, PQ) inherited C-GAJA from his father, Al, and plans to restore it.
  • Reg LeBlanc (Haley Station, ON) owns the Sadlier project & others, as "The Coot Store".
  • Christopher O'Donnell (Edmonton, AB) recently purchased Dr. Donnelly's Coot project.

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