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The Essential Coot

This is a very special book, written for serious Coot-builders.

Arranged in the same format as the Construction Notes, it incorporates

the most important data from the first 30 years of the Coot-builder's Newsletter. Thus, by having this book, the new builder can

save both time and money as he learns the essential facts in a logical sequence, instead of reading 30 volumes of the newsletter back-issues.

Also included is an historic collection of photos and short stories

about most of the Coots built or under construction, and a 1-hour Coot video (on DVD) about some important moments in Coot lore,

including Molt Taylor's induction into the EAA Hall of Fame in 1995.

By using only B&W photos, I kept the production costs down to $25.

The cover photo (above) was kindly provided by David Rasor.


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