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The Coot Story

"The COOT Story" tells a story of a unique amphibian aircraft designed by Molt Taylor. Of the several amazing aircraft that Molt designed and built, the Coot has given more fun to more people (including Molt) than any other. The 'float-wing' concept, taken from military designs of amphibious gliders, provides exceptional maneuverability and safety on the water, as well as a look of refined gracefulness.

'The COOT Story' gives some history about how Molt created the design and built three prototypes. Then we see how several early builders, 'pioneers', have expanded our knowledge of design alternatives and structural integrity, including how the newsletter and meetings for Coot-builders evolved, and how Molt stimulated Coot-building abroad.

Then we focus on two Coots with which I am most familiar: one I built and one I bought. After a quick look at other Coots, 57 that have flown and 43 'in the nest', we climb into the coockpit with three different Coot pilots and do some cross-country flying. Finally, we take a look at the fine recognition of Molt's achievements by the EAA, at the legacy that he left behind, and some Coot statistics.

The book is a 60 page, hard-cover book with over 50 color photos; cost postpaid = $30.

To acquire more information about this or other books contact Richard Steeves.   (See our Contact Page)

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