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When I purchased the plans in 1972 from Molt Taylor, I had to clip and rearrange his construction notes into an organized plan. When I told Molt about this, he encouraged me to retype them into a new Builder’s Manual. Since 1974 Molt has included them with his assembly drawings.


After Molt died in 1995, Mrs. Taylor asked me to distribute the plans for her. Gradually, with significant help from other Coot-builders, including Kenny Danielson, Barry Ryan, Sam Carlin, Martin Koxxy, and Sean Wiens, I have up-dated and improved the plans and the Builders Manual. The plans are now direct copies from Molt’s original vellums, except for some smudged ones now on AutoCAD, and the Manual has been computer-scanned and laser-printed. They are both much easier to read and understand than the ones I received in 1972.


Builder support is very important to me. I make myself freely available to all plans-holders for consultation by phone (608/833-5586) or by e-mail coot42@charter.net,

the latter prefered.


I have recently cut the cost in half to $125. (US check or money order). This is because it takes much less time to copy them and burn them onto a CD than it used to take for copying, not to mention the savings in paper and postage.

  • Indexed, 96-page Builder’s Manual
  • Bill of Materials
  • 99 Construction photos with descriptive notes
  • Drawings, 170 (8.5 X 11”) and 9 (originally 18 X 24”, temporarily shrunk)
  • Free e-newsletter for one year
  • Miscellaneous extras.

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