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Articles (by others) About Molt Taylor's Coot

Molt Taylor

1. An "Ideal" Homebuilt by M. B. Taylor, Sport Aviation, Sept. 1968

2. Flying the COOT-B Light Amphibian by M. B. Taylor, Sport Aviation, Sept. 1969

3. How Strong Does It Have To Be? by M. B. Taylor, Sport Aviation, June 1971

4. Franklin's Solution to the Pusher Engine Propeller Problem by Warren Eding,, Sport Aviation, Aug. 1971

5. We Fly the COOT 'A' by M. B. Taylor, Sport Aviation, April 1972

6. Pilot Report: Taylor COOT by Robert Blodget, Flying, March 1973

7. COOT Light Amphibian Developments by M. B. Taylor, Sport Av'n, March 1973

8. Seaplanes and Engines by Jess Minnick, Sport Aviation, Aug. 1973

9. Cook's COOT by Joe Cook, Sport Planes, Winter 1973

10. To Catch a COOT by R. B. Weeghman, Air Progress Sport Aircraft, 1973

11. Missouri Merganser by D. D. Don, Private Pilot, Feb. 1975

12. Molt Taylor's COOT Amphibian, by Peter Abbott III, Homebuilt Aircraft, Dec. 1977.

13. Super COOT 200 by Dave Woodcock, Sport Aviation, Sept. 1980

14. Water Logic by M. B. Taylor, Homebuilt Aircraft, Feb. 1984

15. David Rasor's COOT by David Rasor, Sport Aviation, Jan, 1985

16. Building Taylor's Airplanes by Don Downie, Kitplanes, April 1986

17. Old COOT by Don Dwiggins, Homebuilt Aircraft, May 1987

18. Cool It! by Molt Taylor, Sport Aviation, April 1988

19. Hatching a COOT by Howard Levy, Kitplanes, March 1994

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